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COMPUTER CLASSES ENRICHMENT Creative Journaling Journaling can change your life. Increase your mindful awareness. Through philosophical discussions and easy hands-on activities, this innovative workshop helps you reach your potential as a compassionate human being. Includes writing/art prompts, and poetry that can improve brain function, relieve stress, and restore your creative spirit. (8 weeks) Instructor: MaryAnn Easley Location: SCC 10804 Th Jul 11-Aug 29 9:30-11:30am $69 Computer Classes at Sea Country Center REGISTER/INFORMATION: Call (949) 425-5151 Instructor: Marga Dill/Location: SCC Introduction to Smartphones/Tablets: Advanced Level Get to know more features and apps that let you do more with your smartphone. You’ll learn the new tools and options that are available on your device. You will also learn how all your devices (computer, phone, tablet) can work together. (4 weeks) 10782 Writers Circle Critique The Writer’s Circle offers valuable critique on story structure, dialogue, transitions, voice, and point of view as well as marketing advice, publishing tips, and coaching. All genres. Need motivation or inspiration? Got writer’s block? Need help with a work-in progress? This is for you! (8 weeks) Instructor: MaryAnn Easley Location: SCC 10805 Th Jul 11-Aug 29 1-3pm $69 Tu Jul 9-30 10-11am $49 Introduction to Smartphones/Tablets: Beginners level This class is for those of you who have a smartphone or tablet and are still struggling with a few settings or are running into technical issues while using them. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your phone or tablet. Please bring your phone or tablet with a fully charged battery. (4 weeks) 10781 Tu Jul 9-30 11:15am-12:15pm $49 Everything Google Story Structure In Fiction & Memoir Whether leaving a legacy for family, writing a personal essay, or creating a bestselling book, this workshop is designed for success. Finish your memoir or turn life stories into fiction. Story writing dynamics , valuable critique, and coaching. (8 weeks) Instructor: MaryAnn Easley Location: SCC 10806 Tu Jul 9-Aug 27 9:30-11:30am $69 In this class we explain how to use all the Google applications you will be able to get on your computer, tablet and phone for free. How to use Google’s email, Google maps, Google drive, Google photos, Google Pay, Google chrome? With you in mind, we look at how you can use these applications to save time and sometimes money. (4 weeks) 10783 Tu Jul 9-30 1-2pm $49 Aging in Place Introduction to Sudoku Come learn how to play Sudoku! This class is geared towards those who have never played and those that can learn new methods. Our instructor will teach you the rules of the game and the different methods on how to play Sudoku. Come have a fun filled afternoon learning to play a challenging and fun new game! It’s FREE! Reservations are required. To Register, call: (949) 425-5151 (5 weeks) Location: SCC Th 28 Aug 1-29 1-2pm Free 90 percent of seniors would like to stay in their home as they age. This idea of aging in place — staying independent where you already live, is possible with assistive technology that can help you live in your home with ease and safety. We explain the technologies that are available and what is in it for you to start using them. (1 day workshop) 10784 Tu Jul 16 2:15-3:45pm $20 Cable Cutting With the availability of high-speed internet and smart TVs, it is possible to enjoy television without the high price of cable TV. Learn about programs and devices that are available to watch TV without the prices of cable. (1 day workshop) 10785 10786 Tu Tu Jul 9 Jul 23 2:15-3:45pm 2:15-3:45pm SEA COUNTRY CENTER (949) 425-5151 ONLINE REGISTRATION: | REGISTRATION FORM: Page 36 $20 $20