City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Summer 2019 Recreation Brochure - Page 27

Ballet Barre for Adults Want a ballet dancer’s body without actually dancing? This barre class will lead you through ballet stretches on a mat along with core/pilates exercises that will improve balance and increase flexibility. This class gives the student long lean and strong muscles like a ballerina. Taught by a professional N.Y. dancer. Come comfortable and bring a mat. Strong internal workout! (12 weeks) Instructor: Roxanne Bell / Location: RDS 10700 W Jun 5-Aug 21 11:35am-12:35pm 18+ yrs $125 Ballet for Adults Join a fun, easy, beautiful and non- intimidating Ballet class! Learn the art of ballet and discover your femininity with this strong internal workout. Improves flexibility, strength, balance, posture, and elongates muscles. Come comfortable with ballet slippers. Taught by a professional N.Y. dancer. No previous experience required. (12 weeks) Instructor: Roxanne Bell/Location: RDS 10701 10702 10703 10704 10705 10706 Beg. Intro. Inter. Beg. Beg. Beg. M Jun 3-Aug 19 Tu Jun 4-Aug 20 Tu Jun 4-Aug 20 W Jun 5-Aug 21 Th Jun 6-Aug 29* F Jun 7-Aug 30* 10:30-11:30am 11am-12pm 5:30-6:30pm 10:30-11:30am 4-5pm 10:30-11:30am 18+ yrs 18+ yrs 18+ yrs 18+ yrs 18+ yrs 18+ yrs $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 $125 Ukulele Lessons DANCE & MUSIC Ukulele is making a big comeback. Come join our beginning ukulele class and learn how to amuse yourself and amaze your friends. You will learn basic strums, chords, and a bit of music theory to guide you along. (4, 5, and 8 weeks) For more information: Instructor: Ross Costa/Location: SCC 10776 Intermediate Tu May 28-Jun 18 7-8pm 18+yrs $60** 10777 Intermediate Tu Jul 2-30 7-8pm 18+yrs $75** 10775 Beginning Th May 30-Jul 25* 7-8pm 18+yrs $120** *No class Jul 4. **$10 material fee payable to instructor. *No class Jul 4 & 5 . Beginning Guitar Lessons This class is designed to build a strong foundation for people with no experience playing the guitar. Students will learn several chords, strum styles, and several classic songs. Students must bring their own guitar to class. Class is repeatable. (5 weeks) Instructor: Ron Gorman Location: SCC, Sun Room 10643 Sa Jun 22-Jul 20 10-11am 10+ yrs $89 Register Early! Help us avoid canceling classes due to low enrollment. PARKS & RECREATION OFFICE: (949) 425-5100 | RECREATION HOTLINE: (949) 362-4351 ONLINE REGISTRATION: | REGISTRATION FORM: Page 36 25