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Birthday Parties at the Skate Park Celebrate your next birthday party with us! The complete party package includes: • Up to 10 daily skate passes. (Additional guests @$15 each, max. 20) • 3 Hour exclusive rental of upstairs viewing area • Chairs and tables (which are covered with a disposable tablecloth) • 2 Pizzas, chilled lemonade, and a skateboard themed birthday cake • Plates, utensils, and cups • A ½ hour skate session with instructor to help bring inexperienced kids up to speed • Free pad rentals for the duration of your party Are you looking to get your preschooler into skateboarding? We’ve got you covered. This class is designed to introduce your preschooler to skateboarding and the Skate Park. Skaters will be taught about their skateboard and how to adjust the trucks and wheels, introduced to the different areas of the Skate Park, and participate in beginner skills to get them comfortable on their board. Students will also learn about general Skate Park safety and etiquette during their half hour lesson. Call (949) 916-7755 to set up your skate lesson. Instructor: Skate Park Staff/Location: LNSP Cost: $15 L.N. resident, $20 non-resident Tu/W/Th 12-7pm (1/2 hr. sessions) 5 yrs Fee: $250 – Up to 10 skaters Private & Semi-Private Skateboard Lessons A $100 deposit will be applied to total cost of party, due at the time of reservation. All parties must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Cancellations require two full business days’ notice. Cancellation without two full business days’ notice will result in loss of deposit. To reserve your party, please email the Skate Park Coordinator, Alexandra Gallardo, at Agallardo@CityofLagunaNiguel. org or contact the Skate Park at (949) 916-7755. These lessons are great for the beginner or the more advanced skater looking for some pointers. Take a private lesson or save money and sign up with a friend and take advantage of our semi-private lesson rates. The waiver must be filled out and signed and helmet, elbow, and knee pads, must be worn. Lessons are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 12-7pm. Call (949) 916-7755 to set up your skate lesson. Private One Hour Lessons: Laguna Niguel Residents: $30/hr. / Non-Residents: $40/hr. Semi-Private One Hour Lessons (per person): Laguna Niguel Residents: $25/hr. / Non-Residents: $30/hr. Private ½ Hour Lessons: Laguna Niguel Residents: $15/hr. / Non-Residents: $20/hr. BMX Sessions Skateboard Group Lessons Location: LNSP/Cost: $120 L.N. resident / $130 non-resident Beginning Class: Students will go over the fundamentals of skateboarding, safety and Skate Park etiquette. This class is designed for the beginner and will teach them balance, coordination and other skateboarding basics. (4 classes) 10715 Sa 10716 Sa 10717 Sa Jun 1-22 Jul 6-27 Aug 3-24 9-10am 9-10am 9-10am 6+ yrs 6+ yrs 6+ yrs Advanced Class: Designed for skateboarders who are com- fortable with rolling around the Skate Park, rolling in and dropping in. This class will cover more advanced skate- boarding such as ollies, grinds and other tricks and will still focus on safety and Skate Park etiquette. (4 classes) 10712 Sa 10713 Sa 10714 Sa Jun 1-22 Jul 6-27 Aug 3-24 Preschool Introduction to Skateboarding SKATEPARK continued 10:30-11:30am 10:30-11:30am 10:30-11:30am 6+ yrs 6+ yrs 6+ yrs Laguna Niguel Skate Park welcomes BMX and Dirt Jump/ Park specific bikes to the skate park. We have 3 weekly “BMX sessions” where the park is exclusive to BMX and dirt jump/park specific bikes. Skateboarding, and inline skating is not permitted during these sessions. All riders must have a liability waiver signed by a parent/guardian prior to entering the park and must wear elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. Contact the park at (949) 916-7755 or visit for a list of rules and regulations pertaining to the use of BMX bikes at the facility. Bike Session Hours: Tuesday: 7-9:30pm | Friday: 12-4:30pm | Sunday: 4:30-9:30pm Follow us on @LNSk8park For information about our lessons, events, and much more! SKATE PARK (949) 916-7755 ONLINE REGISTRATION: | REGISTRATION FORM: Page 36 19