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Taekwondo Lessons Taekwondo is a fun and safe way for the whole family to get in better shape, increase flexibility and learn the valuable art of self-defense. The instructor, Ken DuBose is a 7th degree Black Belt Senior Master Instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience. Uniform is free with enrollment. Instructor: Ken Dubose/Location: SCC 10789 M & Th Jun 3-27 6-8pm 7+ yrs $80/month** 10790 M & Th Jul 1-29* 6-8pm 7+ yrs $80/month** 10791 M & Th Aug 1-29 6-8pm 7+yrs $80/month** *No class Jul 4. **Each additional immediate family member receives a 50% discount. Beginning Traditional Japanese Karate-Do This traditional karate class is for building character as well as improving physical conditioning. Sensei Nishimura is a world class competitor and has over 40-years of instructing including teaching good sportsmanship and respect. This class improves physical fitness, balance, and self-defense. Uniforms are available for purchase from instructor. (10 weeks) Instructor: Sensei Nishimura/Location: USA Wado Ryu Karate 10675 Tu Jun 4-Aug 6 5-5:40pm 6-16 yrs $115 10676 W Jun 5-Aug 7 5-5:40pm 6-16 yrs $115 10677 Sa June 8-Aug 10 10-10:40am 6-16 yrs $115 Basketball Camp This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for the beginning to intermediate player. Using our progressional curriculum, staff will focus on the whole player, teaching respect, teamwork and responsibility. An active week of passing, shooting, dribbling, and rebounding makes this one of our most popular programs. All participants receive a t-shirt, basketball, and player evaluation. Instructor: Skyhawks/Location: MHP, Basketball Courts 10612 M-F Jun 24-28 9am-12pm 7-12 yrs $179 Camp of Fun Come play all your favorite games such as free tag, dodge ball, kick ball, capture the flag, and many more! Camp of Fun is designed to keep kids active and have fun in a safe and fun environment where they will make great memories with friends and coaches. All participants will receive a camp t-shirt. Instructor: TriFytt Sports Staff/Location: CP – Ball Field 3 10678 M-F Jun 24-28 9am-12pm 5-9 yrs $159 Introduction of baseball basics in a fun and safe environment. Tee ball curriculum is designed for kids to have fun while fine tuning their motor skills and socialization skills. Every athlete will receive a camp t-shirt. Instructor: TriFytt Sports Staff/Location: CP – Ball Field 3 10679 M-F Jul 15-19 9am-12pm 4-7 yrs $159 Baseball Camp Skyhawks baseball staff teaches the fundamentals of fielding, catching, throwing, hitting and base running, all in a fun, positive environment. Specifically designed for beginning and intermediate players, this program teaches athletes new baseball skills along with vital life lessons such as respect, teamwork, and responsibility. All participants receive a t-shirt and a player evaluation. Instructor: Skyhawks/Location: CP – Ball Field 4 10613 M-F Jul 22-26 9am-12pm 7-12 yrs Little Fytt Stars Tee Ball Camp SPORTS continued $179 Mini-Hawk Camp (Soccer, Baseball & Basketball) This multi-sport program was developed to give children a positive first step into athletics. Baseball, basketball and soccer are taught in a safe, structured environment filled with encouragement and fun. Through games and activities, campers explore balance, hand/eye coordination, and skill development at their own pace. All participants receive a t-shirt, ball and a merit award. Instructor: Skyhawks /Location: CP – Ball Field 3 & Basketball Court 3 10614 M-F Jul 22-26 9am-12pm 4-6 yrs $179 Skyhawks HoopsterTots Learning basketball has never been more fun! These classes focus on dribbling, shot technique, passing and team work. Adjustable hoops and appropriately sized basketballs are used to always provide just the right amount of challenge. (6 weeks) Instructor: Skyhawks/Location: MHP, Basketball Courts 10615 W Jul 10-Aug 14 4-4:45pm 3-4 yrs $99 10616 W Jul 10-Aug 14 5-5:45pm 5-6 yrs $99 TriFytt Tee Ball Kids will receive hands-on training from knowledgeable, experienced, and fun staff. Classes are approproiate for beginners and kids who want to improve current skills. All participants will receive a t-shirt. (6 weeks) Instructor: TriFytt Sports Staff/Location: LNES – Softball Fields 10680 Th Jul 18-Aug 22 5-5:30 2-3 yrs* $109 10681 Th Jul 18-Aug 22 5:30-6pm 3-5 yrs $109 *Parent participation required. PARKS & RECREATION OFFICE: (949) 425-5100 | RECREATION HOTLINE: (949) 362-4351 ONLINE REGISTRATION: | REGISTRATION FORM: Page 36 15