City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Summer 2019 Recreation Brochure - Page 14

ART & COOKING Fairy Garden Workshop - NEW! Add a little bit of everyday magic to your home or garden by making your very own fairy home! All materials are provided. Adorable ideas will be available to inspire you, and help will be available to assist you in making your own personalized home for fairies or gnomes during this fun workshop! Parent/ Guardian participation is required for students under age 9. Instructor: Andreas Frank/Location: SCC, Pines Room 10609 Sa Jun 15 10am-12pm 5+ $35* 10610 Sa Jul 20 10am-12pm 5+ $35* 10611 Sa Aug 17 10am-12pm 5+ $35* *$10 Material fee due to the instructor on the day of class. Please have exact change. Explore a variety of media as acrylics on canvas, watercolors, pastels, clay sculpture and more! We will enjoy summer time through art as we draw and paint landscapes, still-life, animals, and more! Clay projects will be glazed and fired. All art supplies and aprons will be provided. Instructor: Lucia Henry/Location: CVP, Lower Soccer Field Canopy 10642 M-F Aug 26-30 10am-12pm 6-12 yrs $95* *$20 (cash) materials fee due to instructor at first class for kiln firing and glazing. Summer of Art Camp Young Rembrandts: Cartoon Animals - NEW! This workshop featuring a hilarious variety of silly, dynamic animal cartoon drawings is a fantastic introduction to cartooning techniques. Students will learn to personify ordinary animals and transform them into full-realized cartoon characters with human-like characteristics. We will learn to exaggerate facial features, draw expressive faces, and create dynamic body poses as we bring cats, otters, beavers, dogs, and more to life! Instructor: Young Rembrandt Staff/Location: CVP, Lower Soccer Field Canopy 10630 M-F Jun 24-28 1-3pm 6-13 yrs $139 Young Rembrandts: Ocean Life – Pastel Workshop - NEW! Dive deep into the oceans with the many fascinating creatures living beneath the surface as we explore the wonders of pastels, a medium halfway between drawing and painting with incredible opportunities for creativity! Each day we will complete a new, large-format composition featuring a different element of sea-life, including sea turtles, clown-fish, jellyfish, and more! Instructor: Young Rembrandt Staff/Location: CVP, Lower Soccer Field Canopy 10631 M-F Jul 8-12 12:30-3:30pm 6-13 yrs $159 Young Rembrandts: Cartoon Adventures in Space - NEW! Buckle up for blast-off on a hilarious trip across the galaxy as we practice our cartoon techniques with a silly cast of cartoon characters: We will hone our drawing and cartooning techniques through alien encounters, space ships, and more while storytelling through facial expressions, body poses, and dynamic perspectives! Instructor: Young Rembrandt Staff/Location: CVP, Lower Soccer Field Canopy 10632 M-F Aug 5-9 1-3pm 6-13 yrs $139 1 A 2 Summer of Art Camp Culinary Kids Unleash the inner chef! Let’s cook, create, and collaborate in the kitchen! With our flavorful, healthy dishes, expert chefs and teachers, and fun filled atmosphere, your young chef will develop lifelong essential cooking skills while sautéing their way around tasty menu masterpieces! Young chefs will be working in small groups to be hands-on in the kitchen! Have questions about the class? Contact Culinary Kids directly at (949)292-4720 or visit Instructor: Culinary Kids Staff/Location: SCC 10812 M-F Jul 15-19 1:30-4:30pm 10813 M-F Jul 22-26 1:30-4:30pm 10814 M-F Jul 29-Aug 2 1:30-4:30pm 10815 M-F Aug 5-9 1:30-4:30pm 10816 M-F Aug 12-16 1:30-4:30pm 5-13yrs 5-13yrs 5-13yrs 5-13yrs 5-13yrs $200* $200* $200* $200* $200* *$50 material fee is payable to the instructor on the first day. MUSIC Beginning Guitar Lessons This class is designed to build a strong foundation for people with no experience playing the guitar. Students will learn several chords, strum styles, and several classic songs. Students must bring their own guitar to class. The class is repeatable. (5 weeks) Instructor: Ron Gorman Location: SCC, Sun Room 10643 Sa Jun 22-Jul 20 10-11am PARKS & RECREATION OFFICE: (949) 425-5100 | RECREATION HOTLINE: (949) 362-4351 ONLINE REGISTRATION: | REGISTRATION FORM: Page 36 10+ yrs $89