City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 8

Police Auxiliary Citizens Team (PACT) Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade The City of Laguna Niguel is seeking active retired men and women ages 50 and above, who are interested in volunteer work with Laguna Niguel Police Services. No experience is necessary but volunteers must be willing to commit to a minimum of four hours per week. The days and duty hours are flexible to meet your needs. Duties include: • Vacation home checks • Business patrol checks • Traffic control • Parking enforcement • Special events (Holiday Parade, Summer Concerts, and other city events) Qualifications: • Physical exam (paid for by the City of Laguna Niguel) • Valid California Driver’s License • Criminal background check “Jingle All the Way” SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9 Volunteers needed for various positions throughout the day. Ages 13+ years! f"&Rf&Ff6BwVwVV&FR6ЦB6Ɩ6fVFVW'2"6wVwVV&2@&V7&VFBCC#RSf"FFFf&F"F&WVW7BƖ6F6F7BƖ6R6W'f6W2BC3c"C3r"7F'FPff6R6FVBB37&vfW&vFRV6&W"b6W&6P6wVwVV6v&Vv2FRfV&W"FWF0v&Rf&RFRvFW &V7&VF'&6W&R"vF6DFTwVwVV6$2B$T5$TDdTDTU"%ETDU0DĔSC3c"C3SWBtDTC5DU%2VWFrWfV@FFPFFP6FखfVWFp7B Вc3s3А6G( 46VG&ФW7B&R2V'2bvR Вc3s3А5e( 5fWr&ЦFW"GVG2&RvV6RF7FW"G&r7B`fVFVW"W7B&RvƖrFG&W72&VV'67B#Ppbs3А5e( 5F&ЧvV"7&VW6FrvV FS3ӗА5e( 5fWr&ЦRW&7F6R( 6fR66&^( vB37B#`FV6VW2fRFR&ƗGvB3 7B#p`S33В5e( 5fWr&ЧF67&VVFǒBfpvB307B#6B3А5e( 5fWr&ЦF&V7F26֗FVBF`FRfvrFFW2BFW22FS&2B&V7&VFFW2B66WB6W'B&FW&VBfVFVW'2&WV&VBF'F6FRĔRU2`VFVEG&2drU2$2b$T5$TDdd4SCC#RS$T5$TDDĔSC3c"C3SĔR$Tt5E$D6GdwVwVV&r&Vv7G&F$Tt5E$Dd$ӢvR3 VFVEG&0