City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 6

Cleaning Out the Watershed It Takes a Watershed Approach to Improve Water Quality Even though we may have heard the term watershed, many of us do not know exactly what it means. A watershed is a geographic area where all the water that flows from the area meets at a common point such as a creek, river, bay or ocean. Orange County has 11 watersheds. In Laguna Niguel, our largest watersheds are San Juan Creek Watershed and Aliso Creek Watershed. The water, which includes rain and excess water from hoses or sprinklers, flows through the watersheds picking up pollutants such as litter, cigarette butts, fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, motor oil and lawn clipping. The polluted water flows into the storm drain system, which then drains, untreated, into your local water body. Unlike water that enters the sewer (from sinks and toilets); water that enters the storm drain is not treated before entering your local water body. Help improve water quality and let’s take care of our watersheds by following these simple tips. Sweep debris and dispose of it in the trash. Do not hose down your driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Before watering your plants, check the soil moisture level below the surface. It should nearly be dry before you water. Use dry cleanup methods for outdoor spills such as applying cat litter or other absorbent material. Then, sweep it up and dispose of it in the trash. Water the lawn and garden by hand to control the amount of water used. Set irrigation systems to reflect seasonal water needs. If water flows off the yard and onto the driveway or sidewalk, the system is overwatering. Cover trash cans securely. Take hazardous waste, such as paint, batteries, and cleaners, to a household hazardous waste collection center. You Are Not Alone (YANA) Program The YANA program is a free service offered to Laguna Niguel residents who primarily live alone where Police Services senior volunteers will check on the welfare of residents twice a week. If the resident does not answer the door or phone call, an emergency contact person will be notified to check on the resident’s welfare. A deputy sheriff may also be c VBWf"767F6PGW&rFW6R7F6W2FR&w&FW2@FR'F6G2FFRF7F.( 2ff6R'VW'&G2 F֖7FW"VF6F2f"FFFf&F6F7BƖ6R6W'f6W2BC3c"C3Cb॔4GfVGW&RwVFW0rf"vF6V7BvFW"6 FVvFW#GfVGW&RwVFW22fFW"FVvFW"@fFW"6&w&f"6G&VR"V'2Bf֖ƖW0'F6FRFǒVWFw2vW&RFWv&V&rF6W2B2FvWFW"FW&R2FFǒG&f"FG2BG2FGFVBWW2`G&26VFR6rB6VG&VR&vƖr6VWfW"&GFW6"WvBFW&'&6RGfVGW&RwVFW27&VFRV&W2f"FG2BG0FB7BƖfWFRf"&Rf&F6F7@֖6V&vRGfVGW&RwVFW2F&V7F"BCCRӓc#""B&vT62&rࠕ6WgFW"W"WBB6RFRv7FRFRG&6ࠔfrF&V7F2f"ǖrW7F6FW2BfW'FƗW'2v2V7W&RWfW"vFW"gFW"ǖrG&VFV@VW72F6FVBFR7G'V7F2ࠕFRW"6"F6W&66"v6&FW"Fv6rBBRࠔF"fV6W2f"V2B6RVFW"FR6"`B2VrVWW"6"vVFVBࠔWfW"W""Fg&VWRFR7G&VWBwWGFW""7F&ЦG&&V76RFW6R7V'7F6W2B6W'f6R7FF"W6V@&V76Ɩr6VFW"f"FRV&W7BW6VB6V7F6VFW"6Ӄ4TU"f6B4TU$rFW"'B&VV&W"FR6V&Vv2BW g&BF"f"&Rf&F&WBvFW"WF&WfVF"F&W'BvFW"WF&&Vf6@6GdwVwVV&r"6F7BFR&vR6VG7F&vFW"&w&BӃsrӃ5@p&V2VF&FআRf6FrW"f6ƗFW2&2@WfVG2V6R&Rv&RFB6G7Ff`BFw&W'2&RFrF0"fFV2f"&WFrW'6W2bRFBvBW"vRW6VBV6RFgFPFw&W"BFRFRbFRF$2b$T5$TDdd4SCC#RS$T5$TDDĔSC3c"C3SĔR$Tt5E$D6GdwVwVV&r&Vv7G&F$Tt5E$Dd$ӢvR3