City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 28

ZUMBA Gold ENRICHMENT continued Story Structure Memoir and Fiction There's no better time than now to write your memoir. Whether you're leaving a legacy for family members, writing a short personal essay, or hoping to create a bestselling book, this workshop will help you accomplish your goal. Includes everything you need to get started and finish your memoir. Discussion of story structure, theme, dialogue, and character development plus personal critique and coaching. (8 weeks) Instructor: MaryAnn Easley / Location: SCC 9430 9431 Tu Tu Sep 5-Oct 24 Oct 31-Dec 19 9:30-11:30am 9:30-11:30am $69 $69 Sea Country Fitness Center for Adults 50+ The fitness center has 15 pieces of equipment including cardio, strength and flexibility. Hours of Operation Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm Annual Fitness Center Fee Residents: $25 for Group Equipment Orientation $45 for an Individual Equipment Orientation Non-Residents: $40 for Group Equipment Orientation $60 for an Individual Equipment Orientation The Fitness Center is located within the Sea Country Senior and Community Center. A registration packet that includes a registration form, liability waiver, and a medical release form, to be signed by your doctor, is required at the time of registration. Proof of residency is required by showing a utility bill. Fitness Center membership cards will be issued once all required forms are submitted and an equipment orientation has been completed. FITNESS / WELL-BEING Line Dancing Line Dancing is a fun and easy way to get moving. Come learn this popular dance and get in shape at the same time! This class is appropriate for beginners and no partner is needed! Classes are taught indoors. (6 weeks) Instructor: Tricia Bowman / Location: SCC 9435 9436 F F Sep 8-Oct 20 Oct 27-Dec 16 9:15-10am 9:15-10am $38/$8 Drop-in $38/$8 Drop-in Brain Fitness Class The brain is not a muscle but it can function as one. When we exercise it, our brain gets stronger. To keep it strong, we need to keep challenging it regularly. Memory, word naming, reasoning, problem solving, concentration and logical sequencing will be practiced. (6 weeks) Location: SCC 9566 26 W Oct 4-Nov 8 1-2:30pm $20 ZUMBA Gold is a fusion of high energy and motivational Latin and International music/dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system! Based on the principle that a workout should be “FUN AND EASY.” Zumba Fitness is great for the body and mind. Perfect for any fitness level! (12 weeks) Instructor: Anette Monroe Location: SCC 9441 M Sep 11-Nov 27 9442 W Sep 13-Nov 29 9:15-10am 9:15-10am Arthritis Exercise $84 $84 Drop-in: $10 A gentle exercise class offered for people with arthritis. Exercises can be performed standing or sitting. Classes are taught by an Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructor. Drop-ins welcome. (8 classes) Instructor: Cristina Stiefel Location: SCC 9432 Tu/Th Sep 19-Oct 12 11:30am-12:30pm $16 9433 Tu/Th Oct 17-Nov 9 11:30am-12:30pm $16 9434 Tu/Th Nov 14-Dec 12* 11:30am-12:30pm $16 * 9́9؀̸$$$)ɽ耐$($)ɤ ]ɭЁݥѠ]́ȁ=ȁձ)%ɽٔȁɕѠхѡɥѥ)ѥ́ѡ̀Եє٥͕ɕѠ)Ʌɍ͔́ȁȁձ̸9ɽ́ȁ)ݽɬ5Ёѡɍ͕́ɔ͕ѕ̸ ɥ)͕Ёݼȁѡɕչյ̀ɕэ)݅ѕȸMեхȁ͕ȁ́ѹ̸ٕ́)I%MQH ɥЀĴܴ)1ѥM )4\$)MԵ=Ѐ̨$(Դ$()4\$)=ЀԵ9؀$(Դ$()4\$)9؀ȵ$(Դ$((9́=Ѐ)e$)]ѠɅѥ쁥ɽٔɕѠ᥉䰁)ȁɕЁٕ͕̰́(ā͕ͥ́ȁѡ͕ͽAɔɕɅѥ՝Ѐ(ܨ؁ѡɕѕȸQݼ͕ͥ̀Mɑ(QՕ̤͑耐Ȁȁ͕́՝Ѐ)I%MQH 䤀̴Ѐe-̹)%Սѽ-Ѐ1ѥM )ѱe$4$MĵШ$$$ܨ)e ͥ$Q$MȵԨ$$̀$ܨ)e1ٕĘ$Q$Mеܨ$ش$̀$ܨ)e5Ʌє$M$)M$$̀$(9́=Ѐܰ9؀ذܰ䰀İḬ̇Ըܨ)M =U9QId 9QH耠䤀Դ)=91%9I%MQIQ%=8 彙1չ9ՕɜIɅѥI%MQIQ%=8=I4A