City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 18

Laguna Niguel Skatepark 27745 Alicia Parkway Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949) 916-7755 (949) 916-7766 Hours of Operation: School days: 12-9:30pm Weekends, holidays and CUSD school vacations: 9am-9:30pm Residents: $40 annual pass Non-Residents: $80 annual pass One time visitor pass: $10 The Skatepark is supervised by Parks and Recreation Department staff. Passes are required for all individuals using the park. Liability waivers signed by the parent or guardian is required. Proof of residency will be required by showing driver’s license or California I.D. Park users 18 years old and over are also required to sign a waiver on their own behalf. Skatepark identification cards will be issued once the waivers are signed. These I.D. cards serve as your permit to enter the park. Helmets, plastic capped elbow and kneepads are required at all times while in the park. “Skateboarding is a way to let your body control your mind.” Modified Skatepark Hours Aug 1-21 Aug 22-25 Aug 22-Nov 30 Sep 4 Oct 26-28 Oct 31 Nov 1 Nov 10 Nov 20-24 Nov 23 Summer Session 9am-9:30pm Maintenance Park Closed Fall Session 12-9:30pm Labor Day 9am-9:30pm Haunted Trails 12-5pm Halloween 12-6pm CUSD Recess 9am-9:30pm Veterans Day 9am-9:30pm Thanksgiving Recess 9am-9:30pm Thanksgiving Park Closed Preschool Introduction to Skateboarding Are you looking to get your preschooler into skateboarding? We’ve got you covered. This class is designed to introduce your preschooler to skateboarding and the Skatepark. Skaters will be taught about their skateboard and how to adjust the trucks and wheels, introduced to the different areas of the Skatepark, and participate in beginner skills to get them comfortable on their board. Students will also learn about general Skatepark safety and etiquette during their ½ hour lesson. Call (949) 916-7755 to set up your skate lesson. Instructor: Skatepark Staff / Location: LNSP Cost: $15 L.N. resident, $20 non-resident 5 yrs. Tu/W/Th 3-7pm (1/2 hr. sessions) – Shaun White Birthday Parties at the Skatepark Celebrate your next birthday party with us! H\]H\HXYH[Y\΂(H\ LZ[H]H\\ˈ Y][ۘ[Y\ MHXX X^ B(H \^\]H[[و\Z\Y][\XB(HZ\[X\ X\Hݙ\Y]H\XHXX B(H ^\[Y[[ۘYK[H]X\[YY\^HZB(H]\][[[\¸(PH0H\\ۈ[[[^\Y[YY\YY(HYHY[[܈H\][ۈو[\\BYN L8$\ L]\H L \][H\YY[و\KYH][YHو\\][ۋ[\Y\]\HY]X\YZ[Y[K[[][ۜ\]Z\H™[\[\^\XK[[][ۈ]][\[\^\XH[\[[و\] \\H[\\KX\H[XZ[H]\\”\\\܋Y\K]\P][ٓY[SYY[ ܙ܈۝XH]\\] MJHLMMMKMUTT MJHLMMMBӓSHQTUSӎ][ٓY[SYY[ ܙԙY\][ۈQTUSӈԓNYH