City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 14

Princess Ballet Featuring “Beauty and the Beast” DANCE Dance Classes Classes will introduce the basic forms of studio dance and terminology with lots of encouragement and fun! Dancers learn various structured dance objectives through the OC Dance progression plan, complete with handout for parents and children to track their accomplishments. All Non-Parent & Me classes learn a dance routine to perform on last day of class. Each session consists of new dance routines and themes. Parents must remain on-site, but outside the room during class. For more information about classes and progression program visit: Instructor: OC Dance Productions / Location: CVP, View Room Parent & Me P [\[] ^HX]\[¸'X]]H[HX\8'BYH[Hۙ[[XY\HH\]ܚ]H[\[\\[HH\H\[[[\\[ۈو[\[] H\X[X[ۈ[HZ\Y]B[\H[[وZ[H]H[\ˈ[\[X\B[[Y[[و[][ܙX]]H[ݙ[Y[[H[Y[š[X]]Y\][[H]K[[H[[܈[[[ܙK[[\H\[ܙ[]\]HZ\][BܞH[YK[H8'X]]H[HX\8'H[\[\œۙ[XZHܘYˈ[]\[X]H\[ \]Z\\X\][ۈ\]Z\Y ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX\H\]˂[\X[ۜ˘K LHYZBMLLUB\ KQX ʂHKNN X[BpKLH\‰ LJMLNHBB\ N QX H Ό MM\BH MH\B LJMLNBHB\ KQX ʂHNL LLH[HH MH\B LJ\݈  ˂ L \ HX]\X[YH܈ܘYYH[X܈]\\˂\^^ܙHH[[Y[وܙX]]H[ݙ[Y[[Y^\Š\K]X[]\[\[[ [^X[]HZ[[][[\\\ۈ\[ܙ[][ۋ]\X[]H[[]YX[]KۙXZ\܈^\\]Z\Y LHYZBMLMHBB\ N QX H MKMBBKNH\B LB\[[][Hۈ M \݈ [[&\]\X[X]\[ [B[[\H[XYH[[^][ܛو]\X[X]\^HX\ܙX]H\X\X\X]\X[][ۋڙX[ۋ]H[ܚ[]Z\Y\ˈ\Xܙ[ܘ\B[\X[HX]\Y\\[ۈ܈Y^H[X[X\܈[ܙH[ۈ[YH\]\][\X[ۜ˘K\ܛY\˜[^H[XY[]]HX[\X\[Y\[ܚۈYB\[H[ۙY[K[H\܈ۙXZ\\]Z\Y LHYZBM HBB\ N QX H N M \BB M\B LB\݈ ˈB L \ HX]\X[YH܈ܘYYH[X܈]\\ˈ \[[][Hۈ M \݈ [] ^ [X[X[[[X\H[[Y[[و[H[[ݙ[Y[[] \[ܙX]]H[ݙ[Y[ H[Hܚ[]\H[[X\Xۚ][ۋ\[\\ۈ[\X[ۋ]K[[Kܙ[][ۈ[ۙY[KH\XZ^و[[H [\\XY[\H\[[]\\]Z\Y LHYZBH\X[X[ۈوH\Xܛ\وY[[H]و[\Y[Y[[[\X\[[X\H\X™[[Y[و[X[^[[][\X[[&\ۙš[HۋX\]]]H[\ۛY[ ܙX]]H[ݙ[Y[X]]Y\˜[\\[]\X[]K]H[\[[[ˈ[]܈^\\]Z\Y LHYZBHM HB\ KQX ʂH Ό MM\BB\݈ ˂M\B LB[] \X\X[[Y[و\[[]\X[[&\ۙˈ\š[Y\][Y[وXX[]\[\]H[\[[œ[ˈ[][\\\]Z\Y LHYZBMLHBB\ N QX H KMNLBB\݈ MH\B LB[ R[SۙH[B[[Y[[و[] ^[\ [ۙ]\\[K]K]\X[]H[ܙ[][ۈ܈[\[[][ۈ܈[K\š[Y\\Hܚ[\܋XܛH܋X[\KX\]YB[[H][\ˈ[H\܈ۙXZ\\]Z\Y LHYZBMLBHB\ KQX ʂH N M \BH M\B LB\[[][Hۈ \݈ ˂L[\Hܛو[XY[][ۈ[XYXH\H[ݚY\][ \\XX\H\Xو[][[HY\Z[B[[XY\K[\X\[][[Y[[[\Z[KX\'X]]H[HX\8'HܚY\\[[\]\[H\[Z\'XYX[˸'H[]\\]Z\Y ܘY\\[ۋ LHYZB\[] \[BMLMHB\ KQX ʂH L LLNH[HH MH\B\݈ ˂ LBY[[\[\Z[[H\X[[Y[[و\[^[BܙX][]\[\܈\ۘ[X\]YH[[\\\ۂܙ[][ۋ]KܙX]]]H[[\[\[[^X[]HZ[[[[\X^HX\YHXZ[[˜\Xˈ\X]H܈H]\܈]]H[B^\Y[KۙXZ\\]Z\Y LHYZBMM HB\ KQX ʂH H8$ NLHH MH\B\݈ ˂[HX][ LB[ۘ[X][܈[[Y[\ۈX[X\ L8$ XX˜[JK pKLYX\\[ YH\\^YY K[YH[X][Y\X]Y\\KPSUԖHՔPQSN ^Hو\˂[ۘ[Xۙ\H\ܛX[H]]HوY[HYY[\X\YBY[][ۈX[X\ $ pKLYX\\[ YH\\^YY KHX][\ܙ[]YH[HX[ۜˈ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۂ\][\X[ۜ˘H܈[XZ[[[\X[ۜ˘KT PԑPUSӈёPN MJH KMLL PԑPUSӈSN MJH ͌M LBӓSHQTUSӎ][ٓY[SYY[ ܙԙY\][ۈQTUSӈԓNYH