City of Laguna Niguel Recreation Brochure Fall 2017 - Page 12

ART MUSIC Parent & Tot Clay Time Tunes and Tales Roll, pinch and pound! Come and enjoy some creative time with your little one! Your young artist will enjoy a tactile experience using clay, as we hand build playful projects step-by-step. Different projects each week. All pieces will be glazed and fired off-site. Aprons will be provided. Parent participation required. (5 weeks) Instructor: Lucia Henry Location: CVP, View Room 9514 F Sep 15-Oct 13 2:30-3:15pm 3-5 yrs $69* *$20 (cash) fee due to instructor at first class. Clay Adventures Have a blast learning how to turn clay into wonderful creatures and other fun projects. We will hand build the pieces as we learn techniques such as coiling, scoring, slab construction and more. We will decorate the pieces with under glazes (special paint for wet clay). Different projects each day. All pieces will be glazed and fired. Aprons will be provided. (5 weeks) Sep 15-Oct 13 3:30-4:45pm 9552 M Oct 16-Nov 13 9:30-10:10am 6-12 yrs $75* *$20 (cash) fee due to instructor at first class for kiln firing & glazing. Paint, Paste and Pour Watch your toddlers explore and discover glue, flubber, paint, cornmeal, dough, bubbles and much more. They’ll enjoy developmentally appropriate hands-on experiences with manipulative art and sensory materials. Put on your play clothes and share this special time with your little one. Each session has new and exciting activities. Parent participation required. (5 weeks) Instructor: Jayme Barger and Staff Location: CVP, View Room 9553 M Oct 16-Nov 13 10:15-11:10am 2½-4 yrs $45 $50 9509 F Sep 15-Oct 13 9:30-10:15am 1½-3 yrs $45** 9510 F Sep 15-Oct 13 10:30-11:15am 2-6 yrs $45** 9511 F Oct 20-Dec 1* 9:30-10:15am 1½-3 yrs $45** 9512 F Oct 20-Dec 1* 10:30-11:15am 2-6 yrs $45** This class is designed to build a strong foundation for people with no experience playing the guitar. Students will learn several chords, strum styles and several classic songs. Students must bring their own guitar to class. Class is repeatable. (5 weeks) Instructor: Ron Gorman Location: CVP, Patio Room 9497 Tu Sep 12-Oct 10 6-7pm 10+ yrs Free trial class on Tu., Sep 5 at 6pm. Call Ron at (949) 362-0778 to reserve your spot. $95 Guitar 2: Advanced Beginners Continue the beginning experience with all new songs. This class will introduce subjects such as alternate tunings, Barre chords, light music theory a ͽAɥɥѡ)́Ёɹ܁ͽ̸ ɥ)ȁݸեхȁѼ̸ԁݕ̤)%ՍѽIɵ)1ѥ Y@AѥI($)Q)Mȵ=Ѐ$(ܴ$(9́9؀и(͠ѕɥ́ՔѼՍѽȁЁЁ̸(( ̀$) եхȁ1ͽ)%Սѽ1Ս!)1ѥ Y@Y܁I($$)1Н́Ёѡݥ́Є))5̸Y٥ѡ́ձ)5ͥ5ٕЁ̸)Ḿ)́хЁѡ́ո)́ݕ䁵ͥ)ѥ٥ѥ̰́ͥ)ɡѡѥ̰յ̰)Ʌєɔ]ݥ)ٕٔѼɕ)͡Ёѽ䁕ݕ (Ё́́䤸Qɕ)ٔɕЁѥݡ)ٕѡȁѕ)ͽ̸ͭAɕнձЁ٥ͥ́ɕեɕ)͍ͥչиȁՕѥ́ɕɑ́ѕа)͔Սѽȁչ̹х๹иԁݕ̤)%ՍѽY٥Mхѽ)1ѥ Y@Y܁I)AI-LI IQ%=8=% 耠䤀ԴI IQ%=8!=Q1%9耠䤀ȴ)=91%9I%MQIQ%=8 彙1չ9ՕɜIɅѥI%MQIQ%=8=I4A($(