City Manager's Bi-Weekly Report Volume 2 | Issue 1 | January 2018 - Page 4

PUBLIC WORKS SIDEWALKS For more information on the City’s Ten-Year Sidewalk Plan and interactive map, please visit the website THORNHILL DRIVE (DISTRICT 1) This sidewalk extending from Airoso Boulevard to about 100 feet east of Bayshore Boulevard is complete. Final clean up and completion of punch list items is underway and will be completed by the end of January. The section of sidewalk from Bayshore Boulevard eastward about 100 feet will be completed as part of the Hailey parking lot expansion project which is currently under construction. IDOL AVENUE (DISTRICT 3) Construction of a sidewalk from the Charter School to Savona Boulevard is underway and is anticipated to be complete in May. UPCOMING SIDEWALK CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS: • Tulip Boulevard (District 3) – College Park Road to Cherry Hill Road – Summer 2018. • Oakridge Drive (District 4) – Southbend Boulevard to Bayshore Boulevard – Summer 2018. • Paar Drive (District 3) – Savona Boulevard to Port St Lucie Boulevard - fiscal year 2018/19. • Paar Drive (District 3) – Port St Lucie Boulevard to Darwin Boulevard - fiscal year 2018/19. LANDSCAPE PROJECTS Port St Lucie Boulevard Bridge over Florida’s Turnpike (District 4) – Landscaping along the southern side of the Port St Lucie Boulevard right-of-way will be taking place during the week of January 8th. The landscaping will provide an aesthetically pleasing buffer for the FPL substation. STREETLIGHT MAINTENANCE In addition to addressing visible issues on an as needed basis, City street lights are routinely inspected and repaired. The routine maintenance schedules are shown below. Roadway Lighting: Inspection of the 2,182 roadway lights occur six times a year. Inspection and repairs were completed in December. Decorative Pedestrian Lighting: The 1,361 decorative pedestrian lights are inspected six times a year. Inspections are occurring now. Signalized Intersection Lighting: Inspections for the 122 signalized intersection lights are scheduled for February and typically occur four times a year.