City Life Magazine 17 - Page 25

ARTICOLI 25 panorama concerning the Smart Lighting state of art. Every meeting, in English, has examined with great scientific and analytic rigor every micro theme. The first lecture was given by Prof. Matteo Meneghini (University of Padova) concerning “Reliability of High Power LEDs: from gradual to catastrophic failure”, short seminar on the last generation LED sources reliability, durability and decay of the phosphorous. Probably a little suggestive theme, but very important for CLM, for a correct diffusion, very interested in Smart Lighting and to understand how it works and how this complex source functionality changes during its lifetime. Following, there were two seminars concerning LED sources Reliability, in parti cular, conditions as street tunnels and a predictive analysis on sources Lifetime. The second day started very early, as usual, and was full of information and speculation on dynamic lighting quality and control in high frequency places, such as hotel, resort or, more common, urban streets. During this session were illustrated the latest researches concerning dynamic lighting, its emotional and functional control by the guest, following two main factors: the light variation during the day and the sensation that it gives, in certain hours. Recent researches, directly from the producers and scientists, demonstrates that the approach correctness, if artificial light, in inner spaces, follows collaborates with the daytime light, officer productiveness and wellbeing is improved. So the delay, between indoor and outdoor lighting and the consequent difficulty of our homeostatic balance for a long staying under artificial lighting, would be cancelled. This long day study was concluded by three speeches, different themes but consequential as researches. The first one by Josep Carreras (IREC - http://ledmotive. com/ ) about “Spectrally Tuneable” street lighting; the second one by Günther Leising (