City Life Magazine 11 - Page 59

CITY LIFE MAGAZINE interior space to the outside, the exhibition architecture and at the same time shade in the hottest months of the Expo,” said Lennart Wiechell, Schmidhuber Chief Architect and partner “Furthermore the modules OPV help to reduce energy used in the building and safe resources. At the Expo end the constructor withdraw them for other uses.” An efficient construction does not mean only savings, light buildings are characterized by optimization and effective exploitation of the physicalmechanical materials features. In recent years the light buildings have had a rebirth, more constructions were built with a not concrete skeletal structure, whose façade was built using panels in textile membrane. The soft façades uses materials optimized to achieve large spans without torsion or deformation problems. For sustainability is essential a long life, foldable and reusable membranes. In this case the large cover leaves use these technologies in order to offset the tissue’s underlying construction presence, flexibility was taken, as we have seen, even on photovoltaic panels. A soft cover in contrast to the monolithic simplicity of underlying Pavilion. The facade consists in a fiber cement adjustable laminated structure. The system made with horizontal slabs in fiber cement, similar to brise-soleil, reduces direct solar irradiation, waiver to a conventional glazing façade, movable walls and smoke evacuator system decreases the energy consumption directly, in fact most of the interior spaces have natural ventilation. The Court closing space uses a membrane with open pores, able to sail on cover and to protect only by insects. The use of different veneers for the walkways and external horizontal links, with veins and heterogeneous colors, gives a strong and unique character to the building. The Schmidhuber studio, in his project, define wood as “a charismatic element, but also a witness to a conscious use of renewable raw materials with a balanced CO2 budget.” An important theme is that related to the dismantling of the Pavilion, the lamps of the exhibition area and the gastronomy appliance will be disposed to Kaiserslautern University. 59