City Life Magazine 11 - Page 25

FEATURES 25 DO YOU HAVE CERTIFIED RECENT BUILDINGS AS MUSE AND HISTORICAL BUILDINGS AS PALAZZO ROSMINI IN ROVERETO AND CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUSTAINABLE BUILDING DESIGN AS THE AMIRI HOSPITAL IN KUWAIT CITY, WHAT KIND OF COLLABORATION WAS ESTABLISHED BETWEEN ALL THE PROJECT ACTORS? The MUSE has been certified LEED GOLD NC as early as 2013, our LEED coordinator role for the general contractor required a constant presence in the site along the three years construction and allowed us to deal all aspects related to sustainability during construction phase. For large buildings generally there is a LEED AP person (Accredited Professional), appointed by the client to manage the coordination between all subjects involved, and a contact person for LEED AP appointed by General Contractor to manage all the construction phases and used as link with its “client side” counterpart. For smaller buildings generally there is only one LEED accredited professional, who oversees the building sustainability at every stage, from design to management. Rosmini Palace is an example of a certification that we oversee directly in all aspects coordinating owner, designers and contractor, it is a listed historical building to host the Cassa Rurale di Rovereto new headquarters and registered for LEED certification. Our role concern an active involvement of all stakeholders and managing the process needed to get the certification, to reach a good result must be necessary: apply the integrated design concept forcing confrontation and information exchange in design team, raise and empowering the client regarding his role, be sure that the company implements and supports sustainable construction practices, and last convey the message that a building sustainable management allows big saving and efficiency. IN ADDITION TO NEW CONSTRUCTIONS YOU DEAL EVEN WITH HISTORICAL ONES, WHAT’S ABOUT THE PROCESS? We are involved in Green Energy Audit, i.e. the traditional energy audit extended in a general perspective related to environmental sustainability idea. It is a diagnosis that not consider only energy, that helps to identify improving actions for the buildings sustainability considering measures ranging from construction to plants and how to use and manage the building itself. The next step concerns to client. The operational scenarios elaboration is completed by a technicaleconomic feasibility study. Using Energy Modeling could be possible to produce the projected future energy consumption for different identified scenarios and determine the best intervention combination for the building, concerning financial optimization according to client requirements (ESCO, owner and private users, financial lessee, etc.).