City Guide 2014 - Page 29

ALBERTA’S LARGEST DIAPER SERVICE As seen on Dragons Den, Better for baby, Better for the environment and will save you time and money. Our guarantee… if your baby is not toilet trained before 30 months, your service will be free until they are! omen ealth W ’sBalanceH Support Nurture empower c na t a l a nd ation ap sul Ba arin we by n nta E g Worksho ps vi & ed Instructor s rtif Acup N a t u unc ro aniosacr , Cr al re tu h i c M e d i c i n e t pa Ce 20% off membership by entering coupon code MODERNMAMA when you register at ace a Dayhomes Pl mmy & Ba b Mo ga Yo entry when your dayhome enters your email as a referral when they register at e ula S rvices y $25 monthly draw Do Pre Parents The only multidisciplinary woman-centered care clinic focused in fertility, pregnancy, labour/birth, post partum, pediatrics and family wellness for the Edmonton area.