City Guide 2014 - Page 13

Picnics in Fish Creek - Pack a blanket, some sandwiches and snacks and head down to Fish Creek Park. This great provincial park inside our city limits offers and an abundance of fun. Children can run free, bike and play. The park also hosts many programs; visit the Alberta Parks Website for more information. Websites for Information Calgary Street Festivals - Maybe you are from somewhere else in the world or love Mardi Gras. There is a street festival in Calgary for everyone. These free events are family friendly and offer a great day out. To make them more affordable bring a picnic lunch and lots of drinks as water and food can be expensive at festivals. For Information about Day out With Thomas and other Heritage Park Activities Scavenger Hunts in City Parks - Our city is busting with parks, green space and open areas. We are so lucky to live in a city where we can enjoy the outdoors. Children love scavenger hunts and there are many ways to do them. You can sign up for free at and use that to scavenger hunt or you can print of an outdoors scavenger hunt list. This is sure to help your children learn about the outdoors while having fun. Skating - Many communities in the city have skating rinks in the winter for public use. These rinks are free to use and usually have a fire pit close by. Family skating is another great way to enjoy the long winter months. Fishing - This is a great sport to partake in during winter and summer. Children will learn patience and have a great time. Just remember that if you are fishing visit the website to make sure you have any licensing required and you are allowed to fish where you intended to go. Library - Children can get library cards for free! That is right, the world of books and wonder all f