CIS 502 All Assignments CIS 502 All Assignments - Page 6

• 36 A security analyst has a system evaluation criteria manual called the “Orange Book”. This is a part of: • the: 37 The component in a computer where program instructions are executed is called • 38 A resource server contains an access control system. When a user requests access to an object, the system examines the permission settings for the object and the permission settings for the user, and then makes a decision whether the user may access the object. The access control model that most closely resembles this is: • 39 The TCSEC system evaluation criteria is used to evaluate systems of what type: • 40 A source code review uncovered the existence of instructions that permit the user to bypass security controls. What was discovered in the code review? • 41 A hidden means of communication between two systems has been discovered. This is known as: • 42 A security officer has declared that a new information system must be certified before it can be used. This means: • 43 A systems engineer is designing a system that consists of a central computer and attached peripherals. For fastest throughput, which of the following technologies should be used for communication with peripheral devices: