CIS 502 All Assignments CIS 502 All Assignments - Page 5

• 27 Which type of fire extinguisher is effective against flammable liquids: • 28 The type of smoke detector that is designed to detect smoke before it is visible is: • 29 The term “N+1” means: • a: 30 A building access mechanism where only one person at a time may pass is called • 31 A secure facility needs to control incoming vehicle traffic and be able to stop determined attacks. What control should be implemented: • 32 A security manager is concerned that lost key cards can be used by an intruder to gain entrance to a facility. What measure can be used to prevent this? • 33 The risks of excessive humidity in a computing facility include all of the following • 34 Provided it is permitted by local fire codes, which type of fire sprinkler system is most preferred for computer rooms? • 35 The innermost portion of an operating system is known as: