CIS 502 All Assignments CIS 502 All Assignments - Page 3

• 8 • 9 EXCEPT: The Advanced Encryption Standard is another name for which cipher: All of the following statements about the polyalphabetic cipher are true • 10 Which U.S. law gives law enforcement organizations greater powers to search telephone, e-mail, banking, and other records? • 11 A security incident as defined as: • 12 An organization has developed its first-ever computer security incident response procedure. What type of test should be undertaken first? • 13 The (ISC)2 code of ethics includes all of the following EXCEPT: • 14 The allegation that an employee has violated company policy by downloading child pornography onto a company workstation should result in: • 15 A case of employee misconduct that is the subject of a forensic investigation will likely result in a court proceeding. What should included in the forensic investigation: • 16 A suspect has been forging credit cards with the purpose of stealing money from their owners through ATM withdrawals. Under which U.S. law is this suspect most likely to be prosecuted? • 17 The categories of laws in the U.S. are: