CIS 502 All Assignments CIS 502 All Assignments - Page 10

• 13 The statement, “Promote professionalism among information system security practitioners through the provisioning of professional certification and training.” is an example of a/an: • 14One disadvantage of the use of digital certificates as a means for two-factor authentication is NOT: • 15 The categories of controls are: • 16 A biometric authentication system that incorporates the results of newer scans into a user's profile is less likely to: • 17 The use of retina scanning as a biometric authentication method has not gained favor because: • 18 Buffer overflow, SQL injection, and stack smashing are examples of: • 19 Which of the following statements about Crossover Error Rate (CER) is true: • 20 In an information system that authenticates users based on userid and password, the primary reason for storing a hash of the password instead of storing the encrypted password is: • 21 The reason why preventive controls are preferred over detective controls is: • 22 • 23 Which of the following is NOT an authentication protocol: Video surveillance is an example of what type(s) of control: