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CIS 349 Final Exam Guide Set 1 FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT CIS 349 Final Exam Guide Set 1 1) ___________ are the components, including people, information, and conditions, that support business objectives. 2) The first step in the implementation of separation of duties is to use access controls to prevent unauthorized data access. The ultimate goal is to define access control where each user has the permissions to carry out assigned tasks and nothing else. This is known as the principle of: 3) What is meant by business drivers? 4) Which law defines national standards for all consumer reports, including background checks? 5) ___________ is the process of providing additional credentials that match the user ID or username. 6) What is meant by availability? 7) Which of the following is the definition of authorization? 8) An organization wants to determine how well it adheres to its security policy and determine if any “holes” exist. What type of analysis or assessment does it perform?