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35. What is the result of the binary conversion in the example below? 36. The diagram below shows an example of what kind of transmission? 37. How many bits in an IPv4 address? 38. What is the network address for APIPA? 39. How many hosts can you have with a subnet of 40. How many bits per octet in an IPv4 address? 41. What are sections A and B of the IP address? 42. For static NAT to work, how many inside global addresses are needed for inside local addresses? 43. What is the purpose of ARP? 44. Both PC1 and Server 1 have a default gateway, what is the purpose of a default gateway? 45. Which of the following is a link-state routing protocol that uses a me tric of cost? Choose only one. 46. At the moment PC1 can't reach the Internet. You add a static default route to R1 that sends all traffic to an unknown destination out s1/1. Can a user on PC1 access the Internet? 47. Match the Type of NAT on the left with the correct definition on the right.