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22. What is the purpose of a virtual desktop? 23. How many broadcast domains are there in the diagram? 24. How fast is standard Ethernet? 25. What is the actual distance of 10Base 2? 26. You can configure user authentication at Layer 2 of the OSI. What IEEE standard would you use for this? 27. What is the IEEE standard for PoE? 28. How is a switch selected as a root bridge for spanning tree if the bridge priorities are the same? 29. What is the purpose of the trunk in the diagram? 30. There are four states that a port goes through when transitioning to the forwarding state. What is the correct order? 31. How many bytes in an IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tag? 32. A more efficient design which involve the logical separate of a switch ports into different broadcast domains is known as a ________. 33. What is the result of the binary conversion in the example below? 34. Which IP addresses assignment method leads to less administrative efforts to Information Technology professionals?