Circle Kapers Volume 47 - Page 6

6 6 Volume 47, Issue 1 Why did you decide to join CKI? I have actually been apart of the Kiwanis family before I joined CKI. I joined CKI because I wanted to continue on with Kiwanis and because of the friendly faces that I met at the meetings! What is your favorite service project? So far in my time in CKI my favorite service project has been Give Kids the World. I would say this was my service project because it really amazed me how much people are willing to make the most for some children that really don't have too much more time. Which tenant of CKI is your favorite & why? I'd say my favorite tenant of CKI would be fellowship! It is my favorite because the club feels like a close group of friends, rather than just a club. Being closer also helps to make service projects more fun! What is your favorite summertime activity? My favorite summertime activity would be going to parks and walking nature trails! 6