Circle Kapers Volume 47 - Page 4

44 Volume 47, Issue 1 by: Tiffany Campbell As a recent graduate, CKIx marked an end to my journey through CKI. However, that end was with an exclamation point rather than a period! vention. There were other opportunities as well. For instance, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my Leadership Academy Class from last year. We bonded through Ethiopian food and running back CKIx is Circle K’s annual international convention. to the Convention Centre to make it back in time for There were 20 of us from the Florida district (12 being the House of Delegates lolz. Then there were smaller from UCF) that traveled for the convention this year. opportunities. Like watching our district governor CKIx is a culmination of the Large Scale Service Pro- prank fellow CKI-ers during down time. Fellowship is ject (LSSP) and the actual convention. This year CKIx one of the easiest tenets for CKI-ers because it haptook place between June 22-26th in Toronto, Cana- pened everywhere! From the hotel shuttle to the serda. The LSSP committee, featuring two of our disvice fair. I met so many new people that I hope to trict’s own Shannon Feeney and Garrett Thompson, keep in touch with. did a wonderful job in planning and executing the convention. The convention truly embodied all the For the last tenet, leadership, that was covered tenets of Circle K International: Service, Fellowship, through House of Delegates and the Workshop. Goand Leadership. ing to be honest, I skipped the workshops in lieu of being a tourist. However, there were a few workI had the opportunity to serve as a team leader for shops I definitely regret missing! House of Delegates CKIx 2016. Upon registration, everyone was divided was a whole another story. There was melodrama, into different Alice and Wonderland theme-based betrayal, and victory all within one day of House of teams. The teams allowed CKI-ers to interact with Delegates. If you are a Shonda Rhimes fan, then others from different districts, subregions, and even House of Delegates is definitely up your alley. This is countries. So cool, right?! We spent half the conven- the day we elected our new wonderful International tion with our teams and performed a full day of ser- board and voted on amendments. vice with them. My LSSP team worked with Habitat This was my first and last CKIx. I am so glad I had the for Humanity. We geared up with our steel-toed opportunity to attend and it truly captured what it boots and got to WERK! Service is honestly the best means to be a part of Circle K International. If you icebreaker. By the end of the day we all bonded. did not have the chance to go this year, well you My team loved me and I them❤️ ❤️ ❤️ !!! better saddle up and attend convention in San An(Although, I am obviously a biased source.) tonio, Texas next June! Fellowship came in so many different opportunities. There was the obvious fellowship we had with our teams during the first night of ice-breakers and the actual Fellowship night on the second day of con- Check out this fun recap, created by another irrelevant Francheska Aristy: HhQyirMcBWo 4