Circle Kapers Volume 47

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA DISTRICT OF CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL FLORIDA CIRCLE KAPERS Circle K Back to School Volume 47, Issue 2 Upcoming Events: October 14-16 2016: LTC! LTC! LTC! Leadership Training Conference is a weekend you don’t want to miss CLUB OFFICERS can now register at Regular members please wait until September 12th! Note From The Editor: Welcome back everyone!! I hope Fall semester has been treating you well so far. It’s that exciting time of the year of member recruitment and building new friendships while doing service. Enjoy the Kapers and keep sending articles and beautiful pictures my way! —-Selena Lopez Inside This Issue: Page 1: Intro Page 5: Leadership Training Conference Page 9: Stay Updated Page 2: Summer Updates Page 6: Treasurer Update Page 10: Contact Info Page 3: Subregion G Trustee Page 7: District Member Spotlight Page 4: Kiwanis Family Conference Page 8: St. Baldrick’s