Circle Kapers Volume 47 November Kapers Volume 47, Issue 4

THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE FLORIDA DISTRICT OF CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL Volume 47, Issue 4 Upcoming Events: District Convention (DCON): February 17-19, 2017! Orlando, FL CKIx17: July 5-8, 2017! San Antonio, TX Tomorrow Fund Applications: Are OPEN! Deadline is December 1st! TomorrowFund.aspx Note From The Editor: Can you believe it’s November already! In less than a month the semester will be over and it will be time to relax and spend time with our loved ones and hopefully we will get some nice cold weather! Keep doing service and making an impact! I’m thankful to be a part of this wonderful organization! Enjoy the Kapers —-Selena Lopez Page 1: Intro Page 5: Young Children Priority One Page 2: A word from Jackie Page 6: Member Spotlight Page 3: LTC Recap Page 7: DCON Page 4: Kiwanis Family Month Page 8: Stay Updated Page 9: Contact Info