Circle Kapers Volume 47 November Kapers Volume 47, Issue 4 - Page 8

Stay Updated FLACKI Governor's Project Baseball Tees! The Florida District of CKI is selling baseball t-shirts, for $15 ($20 total if shipped to you), to benefit the Governor's Project: the Welcome Home Initiative. Half of the proceeds raised will go to charities in the state of Florida that benefit homelessness, while the other half will go to making care packages at our annual District Convention. Use the link below! e/1FAIpQLSdE1e72_Zhs85CbZOo_s1OBZSbpds6bB0_aSNoAj2xBZBl7w/viewform DEADLINE: November 30th! For more information on the welcome home initiative and service project ideas check out the link below: CKIx 2017 Registration Rates: Early Bird: January –May 2017 US $200 Regular: May 2– June 2 2017 US $250 Florida District Social Media Facebook: Florida District Circle K International Website: Remind Text Messaging: To stay updated about upcoming events text the “@flacki” code to 81010. Every code MUST be preceded by an “@” sign. Submit Articles: to Want to hear weekly updates about our Subregion G. Then subscribe to CKI Weekly and become an informed member! Every week you’ll be informed and updated on what goes on in our Subregion check it out here u=4689a8bfa35b476cfd65670 6c&id=7974768f79