Circle Kapers Volume 47 November Kapers Volume 47, Issue 4 - Page 6

Josephine Di Russo Tell us a little about your self? I'm a full-time student pursuing an AA degree at LakeSumter State College. Afterwards I plan on transferring to one of Florida's amazing public universities! What is your favorite tenant of CKI and why? My favorite tenet is definitely service! Because at the end of the day, every K-family member wants to make the world a little bit better through service. And it's so incredible that we're actually able to make an impact on society. What is your Major and what do you plan to do with it? I am hoping to major in International Studies. My dream job would be to work for an organization like UNICEF or even the U.S. Department of State. We'll see what the future holds though.... Josephine is very close to chartering at Lake-Sumter State College. Her passion and dedication to this organization is refreshing and revitalizing. She is working tirelessly to make sure to establish a strong foundation at her school and she is excelling. She has quickly worked to foster relationships within the Kiwanis family. She has been at 3 Kiwanis DCM's so far and has recently reached out to two other CKI clubs to go in together on service projects. Josephine is an amazing leader and has a heart of gold. I am honored to be in a service organization with her. - Jackie