Circle Kapers Volume 47 November Kapers Volume 47, Issue 4 - Page 4

November is Kiwanis family month and as informs us, it is kind of like a month long family reunion! This is a month to show unity among our K-Family branches and serve together in our communities. This month is dedicated to showing the progress we’ve all done together to help our local communities and the world be a better place. It’s a time to share what’s working in our own clubs and learn how other clubs succeed as well. Anyone who is passionate about serving their community through service and leadership has the potential of being Y[Z[HY[X\H[X][\Y[HY&][XYHۛ\Hؘ[ܙ[^][ۈق[Y\\HYX]Y[\ݚ[HܛۙH[[ۙH[][]H]H[YHH\Y[[ۙYX\Y\[[ۙH[H\وHQ[Z[HX]\Z\YKYY]\[Z[HوX΂RYΈRY\\H[[Y[\HY[˜Y[][[Z\X\܈\XK\Y[Y\XHXY\\ܘ[H][XY\\[[ۙ[ܘ[\X\[H][Y[˜[ܝ[]H\X\]H[\XHڙX˂Z[\&\XZ[\X\YۙY܈ZYHY[[\Y\[H\Z\\[ۈ[[\Hۈ\[\ˈ\›Y[X\^HX\[XۙY[H[XYB[ܜ&\XY\YX[]ܚ[][[X[ۋ^HX[\][ۘ[^HX\H\[\\Y\XHܙ[^][ۈ[Hܛ ^BX\H[ ͈[Y\[ۜ\وY[X\YX]Y]\[Z\[][]Y\[Hܛ H\\B^HX\܈X\H\]Z\[[H]XY\\\H[\][ۘ[\H[\][ۘ[\Bܛ8&\\\Y[ [Y\XHܙ[^][ۈ܈YHY[ˈ[ NH][ۜ\ܛ\\[[ۙH[\[ۘ]H][\Y[Z[HY[X\[]Y\\XKZ[ۈXZ[ۈX\HۛH\XHX܂Y[]\X[]Y\ˈY[X\][ۙY[B[[Y\Y[HHY[XY\\\][Z\Xˈ^H[\ݙ\Z\ۈ[[\^H\H[H[\˂][\Έ[H NLMK\HY[[Y\]BY[\[H[[وHܛY[Z\[[[[ۂ\XHڙXˈ][\ܙX]Y][Z[HوۜܙYXY\\Xš[[Hو[Y\][HX\\K[\H[XY[X\H\YH[YKHܚ[]\H[XYH[[[[XXHܘH܈[Hܛ܈[[[[][]Y\˂