Circle Kapers Volume 47 November Kapers Volume 47, Issue 4 - Page 3

LT C Recap! Leadership Training Conference was a blast this year and I would like to give a very special shout out to Jake and Brittany for organizing this great event! I asked CKI members who attended LTC to describe their experience of the weekend! The Leadership Training Conference (LTC) was definitely a community experience. My team, the Seaside Sailors, did so well in all of the activities. We had a lot of fun and learned to work together in a constructive way, despite the diversity within our group. —Teodora Dillard, UCF Circle K is a really great experience. You will never feel alone! —Erick Ojeda, UCF As a first year student at the New College of Florida, and therefore a first year member in CKI, LTC did an amazing job in helping me make the transition between the branches of the K-Family. Given that there are fewer members of CKI, the conference allowed me to better know my peers who share the same passion for servant leadership. I enjoyed the icebreaker and teambuilding games that I had with my group and the conference-wide activities. During this convention, I learned more about what the responsibilities of each leadership role on the club level and I was able to talk to many of the club officers to learn about how they approached their leadership endeavor. Along with leadership, we discussed possibilities for club service projects that can help us give back to the community. From my conference experience, I learned the importance of being a leader and a team player, how members of a team can work together for the success of the team, and the impact that individual talents can have to helping the team succeed. These are lessons that can be used to plan any successful club project. Overall, it was a great weekend experience and I would strongly recommend all members of Florida CKI to participate in the future. —-Jennifer Lin, New College