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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING els to various destinations without being exposed to excess competition. While it goes without saying that brands are big assets of companies, the raison d’etre of travel agents will become firmer upon establishing brand images in a clear form. 5. Closing Remarks Business is becoming harder in the age of the Internet, unless the raison d’être of travel agents is made widely known. Only innovations in business contents will be sufficient to strongly appeal to consumer segments which are not aware of the significance of travel agents. In other retail industries, companies closer to con- sumers exhibit stronger appealing power. Brand-building of the travel industry as a part of the distribution industry is considered to be an urgent need. References 1 Kansai University of International Studies, Japan. 2 Data of Ministry of International Affairs and Communication. Circumstantial Investigations on Family Consumption by the Ministry of International Affairs and Communication. Expenditure Statistics by Age Groups of 2012 browsed on September 22, 2015. 3 BTM (Business Travel Management) provide optimal solutions (problem solutions) in business of companies particularly arrangements of business trips and peripheral businesses. By man- aging arrangement and payment of flight tickets and others, management of expenses and travel expense regulations and purchase processes as a whole, companies can achieve reduc- tions and visualization of expenses related to business trips, consistency of compliances and optimization of peripheral businesses while being highly convenient and providing arrange- ments of business trips of high quality to individuals making the business trips. http://www.jtb- (from the website of JTB Travel Solution) browsed on August 19, 2015 4 Low-cost carriers. 5, browsed on August 19, 2015. 6 Brand Equity — David Aaker 7 May 2015, Internet survey conducted using Questant as a survey method, number of answers: 598. 8 Expedia best price guarantee, browsed on August 19, 2015 9 Masayuki Maruyama, Master’s Thesis of Osaka University of Economics, March 2008 10 Japan Association of Travel Agents “Travel Industry Shown in Figures 2014” p. 18 212 return to the content page