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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING values travel agents in view of stimulating demands, airline companies do not require travel agents or regard them as ticketing agents. The spread of the Internet has become a large factor causing large conver- sions in conventional business models of travel agents. This trend is particularly significant among younger people who are usually good at handling new appa- ratuses, and while they spend money on travel, they tend to buy airline tickets by themselves without using travel agents. 2 Unless travel agents create travel plan commodities providing trips to places or experiences which individuals cannot visit or make when booking travels by themselves, the raison d’être of travel agents will fade. While BTM 3 is a new sales technique in the field of business trips, it is considered that construction of brand images of companies underlying this technique is a must. Insufficient brand images of companies lead to abolishment of sales charges and alienation of young people from travel agents. In this paper, desired business models of travel agents will be reconsidered to search for new strategies. 2. Predicaments of Industries 2.1. Predicaments of Airline Companies Distribution routes of the travel industry are being disregarded with devel- opments of the Internet and smartphones. Airline companies offer reservation functions on their own websites to attract customers, and conventional IATA member airline companies excluding most LCCs 4 have abolished sales charges (most of the LCCs perform direct sales through the Internet without involving travel agents from the start on). This is one indication of the fact that travel agents are disregarded. While a cooperative relationship in terms of distribu- tion existed between both parties prior to the spread of FRFW&WBBV0'W&FVbWV6W2F&ƖR6W2r67B&VGV7F2&VVখ'FB77VRf"&ƖR6W2f"&frvVVBVf&ЦVG266RFRB6fVF6W26&vW2bRrRBRRvW&P66FW&VBW6VW72WV6W26W26&vW2&R7FBƖVB66FW&pFB7WG26&vW2FB&vVǒffV7B'W6W76W2b&ƖR6W2#&WGW&FFR6FVBvP