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THE STRUCTURAL RELATIONSHIPS OF DESTINATION IMAGE, AWARENESS, UNIQUENESS AND DESTINATION LOYALTY IN THE PASSIVE URBAN ECOTOURISM DESTINATION adults in their 50s and 60s and housewives (Housework), tour courses focusing on themes of ‘Health’ and ‘Healing and Refresh’ should be developed and closely con- nected to hot springs in operation now, to name a few detail plans. When it come to the studies related to the direction of ecotourism develop- ment conducted so far, a community of the government (or local governments) and citizens, regional experts (NPOs, NGOs etc.), and tour operators should be created to ensure sustainable development and operation of ecotourism and professional organization should be formed, which have been suggested as the most important challenges (Welford and Ytterhus, 1998; Burckley, 2000; Jones, 2005; Stronza and Gordillo, 2008). Thus, as part of efforts to make policy for ecotourism it pursues now, Nabari City also faces many challenges to grow into a sustainable ecotourism des- tination, including education of citizens, training of regional experts, promotion of cooperation with ecosystem preservation organizations (NPOs, NGOs, etc.), and for- mation of strategic cooperative system with tour operators in nearby big cities. In order to link findings from this study to strategies for ecotourism develop- ment of the city, it is most important to improve and make its destination image and awareness more positive. Detail strategies for this purpose may include promotion of diverse promotion campaigns to improve its destination image, increase of edu- cation and experience programs, and planning of specialized events. Among oth- ers, however, the city needs to make itself differentiated from competing places nearby and appeal its uniqueness to visitors, which cannot be achieved by the city (government) alone. All of the citizens of Nabari should cooperate actively with the city, believing that this is an important project that will give strong economic and social effects. Nabari city’s Ecotourism Whole Promotion design (2014) underway now set four basic directions to promote tourism: preservation of natural tourist resources, utilization of local resources, construction of infrastructure for tourism development, and cooperation and linkage. In this framework, linkage between tourism and local industries, linkage with surrounding areas, and association with various organizations should be defined as strategic tasks. Policy making directions of this kind seem to be very positive, but active dialogue and exchange with offi- cials is critical to make policies. Reflecting results of diverse research on visitors like this study positively on policy making is very important as well. 6.1. Limitations and Future Research This study aims to expand the concept of ecotourism to cover ecotourism activities (hiking etc.) in everyday lives as an exploratory research for various eco- return to the content page 191