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THE STRUCTURAL RELATIONSHIPS OF DESTINATION IMAGE, AWARENESS, UNIQUENESS AND DESTINATION LOYALTY IN THE PASSIVE URBAN ECOTOURISM DESTINATION 5.1. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) Table 2 shows the results of EFA aiming to examine content validity of meas- urement variables of destination image, awareness, and uniqueness as inde- pendent variables of this study. Factor loading of variables belonging to each measurement dimension was 0.6 or higher, exceeding 0.5 required by general social sciences, and the variables were found to be key variables to explain each measurement dimension. Criteria for the statistical significance of EFA results were found to be KMO=0.853 (0.7 or higher) and Bartlett=4059.614 (P<0.01), which are very good. Furthermore, value of Cronbach’s to test the reliability of measurement variables belonging to each measurement dimension was all 0.8 or higher, indicating that measurement vari- ables explaining each measurement dimension have a high degree of reliability. Table 2. Result of exploratory factor analysis (EFA) Factor/item Factor loading Eigen Value Variance explained (%) Cronbach’s Destination Image 1. Scenic mountain and valleys 2. Breathtaking scenery and natural attractions 3. Picturesque parks/lakes/rivers 4. Unspoiled wilderness and fascinating wildlife . 913 .942 860 .912 4.710 39.25 .931 3.332 27.77 .830 1.145 9.54 .905 Destination Awareness 1. This destination has a good name & reputation 2. This destination is very famous 3. The characteristics of this destination come to my mind quickly 4. When I am thinking about tour, this destination comes to my mind immediately Destination Uniqueness 1. This destination is different from other cities. 2. This destination is unique in comparison to other cities. 3. This destination stands out from other cities. 4. This destination is distinct from that of other cities. .754 814 819 678 .797 883 804 865 KMO 0.853 / Bartlett 4059.614 / Significance 0.000 5.2. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) Next, Table 3 describes results of CFA to test validity and reliability of all meas- urement variables explaining overall satisfaction and destination loyalty as return to the content page 183