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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING has special natural sites and attractions drawing attention of visitors and mak- ing it stand out, compared with similar urban ecotourism destination nearby, then positive effect on overall satisfaction will follow. Thus, following hypotheses are designed to examine such structural relationship in an exploratory manner: H3. Urban ecotourism destination uniqueness positively affects tourists’ overall satisfaction Overall Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty: Many studies have reported until now that overall satisfaction as a dependent variable has a strong structural rela- tionship with ultimate dependent variables such as revist intention and recom- mend intension (Chen and Tsai, 2007; Hui et al., 2007; Campo-Martínez et al., 2010). Nevertheless, a growing number of case studies have been carried out recently, which integrate ultimate dependent variables such as revist intention and rec- ommend intension into a single concept of destination loyalty (Yoon and Uysal, 2005; Chi and Qu, 2008; Ignacio and Martín, 2008). In line with these research trends, the author applied the concept of destination loyalty as an ultimate dependent variable and expects that there will be a positive structural relation- ship between overall satisfaction and destination loyalty similar to results from previous studies. H4. Overall satisfaction positively affects destination loyalty Fig. 1. Theoretical Passive Urban Ecotourism Model Destination Image H1 Destination Awareness H2 Overall Satisfaction H4 Destination Loyalty H3 Destination Uniqueness 178 return to the content page