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FILM-INDUCED SLUM TOURISM: A LITERATURE REVIEW AND MODEL PROPOSAL Figure 1 Conclusions The present work aimed to propose a theoretical model of the process of engendering slum tourism motivations through films in order to contribute to the comprehension of the role played by cinema in this touristic phenomenon. The proposed model was based on an extensive systematic review on the fields of film tourism and slum tourism. It must be noticed that those subjects are relatively new to tourism academic studies, and publications on both only gained a signifi- cant volume in the last decade. In the case of film tourism, the research still reviewed a significant body of literature on topics such as authenticity in film tourism, capitalization of film tourism by DMOs, film tourists’ motivations and films’ effects on tourist demand. As far as slum tourism is concerned, the available aca- demic literature is much more limited, as most of the studies relating tourism and poverty examine the activity as a means for poverty alleviation, rather than poverty as a tourist attraction. The results of the present study offer initial insights to destinations where slum tourism is a reality, especially those where its attractiveness is related to a film or a set of films. The most expressive of such destinations worldwide are Rio de Janeiro, where mainly international tourists are attracted to the favelas; and Mumbai, where tourists also participate in slum tours. As explored by some of the return to the content page 161