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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING avoided by others, such as adventure and dark tourists. Some aspects that are nor- mally seen as negative points of a destination are poverty, danger and urban dis- order. All of those are characteristics of slums, which are increasingly being visited by tourists. Therefore, those results point to a connection between the two phe- nomena, which is reinforced by the fact that the film examined by Loureiro & de Araújo (2015) is actually shot and set in favela. Within slum tourism studies, there is evidence that the segment is often moti- vated by films, especially on the cases of Indian slums and Brazilian favelas. First, Freire-Medeiros (2006) cites a CNN news report according to which the film City of God produced a “sexy” and “cool” image of the violent favela. At the same study, as well as in two follow up papers (Freire-Medeiros, 2007, 2009), the author inter- viewed favela tour operators, which all attributed the international success of City of God as a large responsible for international tourists’ interest in visiting the favela. In yet another study on the topic, Freire-Medeiros (2011) highlights the fact that tourism in Rocinha, the biggest Brazilian favela, takes place since the early 199 ( 2'WBWW&V6VB7V'7FF7&V6RgFW"FRf( 2FW&F&VV6R#2FRWF"W2FBFRFW&7F2ffVBFR6VF2RfVV6R@&RfVV6VB'V6FW"fVVF&6FRFW&7F2ffV6'&W2FP&W&W6VFF2&6VB'FRfvRFR6VF2ffV27&VBFPf6'V&W2bFW&6BFVFG&fVW'>( FVG2ख6w'VV6RvFF6RfFw2W66#B&fFW&#R6VF2FR7&V6RFVBf"ffVFW'2gFW"FR&VV6Rb6G`vB2vV2FR66RbFvW&R6֖"FWfVVBF6RgFW"FP&VV6Rb6VFr֖Ɩ&R&Vv&FrFR66RbFRffV2g&V&RVFV&0bVWW2#2gW'FW"W2FBFW"f'&Ɩ"f&VvBVFW W6VBFR&VƗGbF6R6W2F6fWvW'2"F&V7Fǒ7&VB6琦'&FfW2&WBFRƗfW2bG2GvVW'2vFFR6V2b7VGW&GW7G'&VfW"66&FrFBV'2bFW'fWw2vFFW"wVFW27VGW&&GV7@BB7V6G&F27BFRvFRffV2&6W7G&FVBW&f&V@B67VVB'FW&7G2ख&&RWRb7GVGFBW֖W2FR6V7F&WGvVVf@6VFW&6FVb#"fVB6֖"6&7FW&7F72FW'0F&VvF6V2Bf2FW7FrFV6VFrf7W2FRf7VB'F6G>( WV7FFFvR&FW"F'F6FRF6R6G&'WF0FRfVG2bfFW&6B6VFW&66V&ǒBF6V7F&WGvVVFRGvVV6vrFBV66fVV6RB&RfVV6V@S`&WGW&FFR6FVBv