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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING pilgrimage” (Reijnders, 2010), “media tourism” (Reijnders, 2011), “fantasy pilgrimage” (Goh, 2013), “film pilgrimage” (Cordeiro, 2011), “cinematic tourism” (Tzanelli, 2004), and “symbolic pilgrimage” (Brooker, 2007). In face of this scenario, Karpovich (2010) observes that film tourism is a multidisciplinary field, although this multisciplinar- ity is unconscious, as the disciplines involved do not communicate with each other, and consequently, employ different terms to refer to the same or very close phe- nomena, besides using different methodologies do address it. A relevant distinction between terms is made by Croy (2011), who differenti- ates film-induced tourism and film-tourism. According to this author, the former refers exclusively to trips primarily motivated by audio-visual products, necessar- ily implying a cause-effect relationship. Film tourism, on the other hand, includes other roles of movies on the travel dynamic, embracing a wider range of activities. In the present study, the term film tourism is favoured, as the phenomenon analysed goes beyond trips primarily motivated by films, including also situations in which media products may arise interest only in a particular attraction within a destination that was chosen for other reasons. Film tourism studies are div YY[]YܚY\\HH\[\\B[ܙ]X[\[HXۙYHXX[\X ۛ[  LKB[ܙ]X[\X\H\\\KX[H NNL8&\]YY\][[\YH[Y[ۈ[\H\X]Hو[[X]ܘ\X[XYK\X][]HX\[\ۜ[\[ۈوX\ \[  NNN\ ܘZݙ\ NNLK\[KYY\][[\H[H\\HY\\[\B^\\[\\H[X\][X[Y[Y[[HYX]H\Y\›و]][X]H XX[[ܙK \\ L]\ LNۙ\ Z]  N•[\ KYY\]HXX[\X]HۛH[YH[HX\H 8&\]\ [[\[[K]\\HHH[ܙH]Y[[X[YK[]\[™HH\H^KۈH\HYKYY\X\ KYۈ[]YH K[[X[  K&Pۛ܈[[  K&Pۛ܋[KB[[[\ L KܛH L K[K H LHXX[YH LK\[&TY[ JKYۈ LJH[\ۋ[\[^Y[ LH^[KB[HX\][ܝ[]Y\\\[H[K]\\K\[\S&HX[ۜ˜\][^Hۈ[KYY\ۈH[X[YH\H[ܙH][YX]Y HYۚYX[\وY BY\][\XۛYH܈YX\\HH\X[\Xو]Y[]\X[ BXۈ\\\][\[][ۈ[XYK\][[[ۜ[][X\[ۜˈB\YY\و\[ \[\YHوHX[ۙ\[\HH\K\YBML]\H۝[Y