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THE VISUALIZATION OF THE UTOPIAN SPACE IN AMERICAN TEEN FILMS AND ITS RELATIONSHIP TO A POSSIBILITY FOR TOURISM they are, one of the answers is that they are always looking for this utopian space to change themselves into a better person. Adolescence means so much to people because it contains possibilities for them to change. Traveling can recreate that transitional place where anything and everything seems possible. References Driscoll, Catherine. Teen film: a critical introduction. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2011. Leitch, Thomas M. “The world according to teenpix.” Literature/Film Quarterly 20.1 (1992): 43. Martin, Adrian. “Teen Movies: The Forgetting of Wisdom.” Phantasms: The Dreams and Desires at the Heart of Popular Culture.Melbourne: McPhee &Gribble (1994). Speed, Lesley. “Tuesday’s Gone: The Nostalgic Teen Film.” Journal of Popular Filmand Television 26.1 (1998): 24-32. Speed, Lesley. “Together in electric dreams: films revisiting 1980s youth.” Journal of Popular Film and Television 28.1 (2000): 22-29. Shumway, David R. “Rock’n’roll Sound Tracks and the Production of Nostalgia.” Cinema Journal (1999): 36-51. return to the content page 145