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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING After all, adolescence is a transient promise of possibilities that never mate- rializes, never holds and eventually passes away without our realizing it. For us people living in a contemporary society, it is really difficult to figure out what “ado- lescent” meant for our own lives. It is a contradictory place where everything is in question and anything seems possible. It is hard to be in a utopian space because in there, nothing is certain. Sometimes, it is wonderful because in there, only at this point of life, everything seems possible. And then, eventually, we find ourselves settled down somewhere when all those possibilities are long gone. Everyone goes through with adolescence and yet, it is so mysterious that it is even hard to know if one is in there or not. American teen films are the cultural devices that dealt best with this issue of growing up. Over the years, the teen films evolved to visualize this complicated transitional place in many ways. At first, by visualizing utopian spaces using fan- tastic land. Then, voiceover narration of an adults’ point of view reconstructs and defines what an adolescence is. It gives shape to this utopian space. Films try to capture its transitional nature by picturing mobility such as cars and journey. Alto- gether, teen films helped to stimulate audience and give meaning to their per- sonal utopia. In the end, teen films succeed to help visualize and define countless numbers of personal utopias existed only in each audience’s mind. They keep try- ing so hard to capture these brilliantly confusing moments of our lives. My last point is that those American teen films give many hints to the tourism business. Nowadays, many students take a graduation trip when they graduate from high school or college. Some people go off a journey to discover himself/her- self before they get a job. Those are the real life opportunity to stage a utopian space that teen films try to visualize in aforementioned ways. Journey and mobil- ity represents p XH[X܈[Hܛ\ Hۘ\وۛH\X[ B^[][X[^[H]X[XH\HۙHܛ\XYH[Y[\X[H[]H\\H\[\ˈ][[]HYX[[Z\\BY\&\[] XZ[\]و\\[\\و\KY[Y\[[H[Z\[Y\ˈو\K][\]ZYKXYY[H܈\[H[YHH]X\^HX[] Z[HX[\^H܈[[[H\™][[ܙH\[[\][[ݚY\X]\H]؝[\H\[ܙB[\[][][]H[]H[\و[X[Z[[XYو\Z[™[\Z[Y\X[H[]Y]ܞK[ܙ[ݙ\[[Y[[\[\\HXZ\\[]][YX[[\]\ˈH[HZHHو[ۙ^K[YB[[\HXZHH\[^Z[YH\]XX\Y\X]\M ]\H۝[Y