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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING torium”, the utopian space where teenagers dwell upon was described. In the land of Oz, the characteristic feature is that Dorothy and other main characters are always moving to somewhere. It is a journey to go from one point the other. In Stand By Me, journey is also the driving force of the story. The whole structure of the narrative is defined by a journey: mobility. This is an epitome of teenagers’ nature that they are constantly on the way to go somewhere: adulthood. In those films, the transitional space is represented as mobility. Almost all teen films are staged on a place where being detached both from home, school or any social institutions that those teenagers soon to belong. Tech- nically speaking, teenagers still belong to their home, their parents/guardians, and school. However, the difference between little children and teenagers is that teenagers long to leave home very soon. They do not have job, home of their own, yet. However, they do not completely belong to their parents and their home like before. So, in terms of the psychological states, they are literally in a transitional place between home and their destination. In American Graffiti, the main protagonists at around the age of 17 roam around the city all night by car or by walking. None of them go back home during the whole night. Their homes are never shown in the movie. 7 On the contrary, the only girl in the movie who is not quite reached the age of “teenager” goes home in the end by having a brief date in the car with Milner. This contrast signifies the fact that those teenagers do not belong home anymore. In Stand By Me, the first scene in the movie begins with the middle-aged pro- tagonist sitting in the car. The car is located in the middle of what seems like a long road and the audience gets the sense that he might still be on the road. However, the car is parked and not representing mobilit