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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING Dorothy says the famous line: There is no place like home. Because of the clarity of this final message of the film, many scholars claim that this film is simply about reevaluating the value of home and family especially considering that it was made under the times of economic crisis in the 1930’s United States. Yet, there are some points to prove that this film is a firstling of many teen films to be produced after 1950’s. Its similarity to what would later be called teen films is seen more clearly when compared to the film called Stand By Me. The narrative structure and some of the mise-en-scene of The Wizard of Oz have some things in common with Stand By Me, which was made in 1987. One of the prototypes of representing utopian space is to stage an out-of-ordinary jour- ney. Dorothy experiences a journey in a place where seems to be completely sepa- rated from her everyday life. Before she takes off the journey, Dorothy falls into a pigsty, which signifies that she fails to have a courage to confront the difficulty in her life. Suffered by a threat of Mrs. Gulch to take away her beloved dog, Dorothy longs for a place where there is not any trouble: Somewhere over the rainbow. In short, here, Dorothy is asking for a psychological moratorium where she can be safe from any troubles and responsibilities of the real life. The land of Oz, a real- ization of somewher Hݙ\HZ[\]HH]X[XH\BܛHX\[ۙ]H\XܛX[H[X[[H[ۋH[[Y[ Y[ ]H[[[\ܝ[KH[YHوYB[\[Kܛx&\\^H\[[H\^H[X\وHXYH[[BYK[[HYK\\\X]H[YHYH\ܛK[ۈBZ[^KX]Z]H[Z[\HY[XY]ܛH˂Z[^H[Y[XY\ZY \[YHܙY[[[[\ܝ[KY[\H[\ˈH[\Y[[\\\[[[\&H[[]HX[]Y\[\HH[^H\KH[قZ\YH\[[\XH[^H][ۛ\H^H\H[ˈ]\[H[ ܛH[\XXZ\[\ܘ[\[][ێ܈ܛK]\‘[Y\[]H[܈\]\\HHXYH\ˈ[[\]YBۚ\]\[Z\[\ܘ[\[][ۈ\HX] [H^\وދۛH\ܛH[]\][\ۈYH\X][YHH] [[HYKYZ[HXYHH[HX\H[\H\&H]KBYH\X] H\[^\Y[HHYK]X][[Z[\K[YKB[ۈ] ܙۋHYۚ\ \\Y\^\Y[[\[\\&\™X]]\YHHY\XY[[[[H\وX[[]\X] L͂]\H۝[Y