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CINEMA, DESTINATION IMAGE & PLACE BRANDING taken as an adult both physically and mentally. The process of having one’s own job, getting married and becoming a parent has been taken for granted for peo- ple who reached at a certain age. People took growing up to be an adult as more matter-of-factly. Nowadays, the period of “psychological moratorium” has become longer and longer. Even though one becomes physically grown up, it does not necessarily mean that this person recognizes himself/herself as an adult. Although nowadays people recognize an adult and a child as two completely different entities, in reality, everyone experiences both. Childhood and adulthood are transitional. Yet, the definition of both is very unclear. It is not possible to wake up in the morning to find yourself an adult all of the sudden. Even though they leave their parents’ home, have their own job, sometimes people wonder if they really become an adult or not. The transitional term from childhood to adulthood is ambiguous. Moreover, in contemporary society, people stay youthful for longer term and the generational difference has become more unrecognizable. In terms of the cinema audience, according to Lesley Speed, “the blurring of generational differences between adulthood and youth is ev