Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 9

Photo courtesy of DUbbest er you want.” We were like, “Wow.” We sat on that for a minute and said, “Can we get Elliot?” He said, “Yeah.” It was surreal because John Brown's Body has such a strong sound. To have their singer singing our harmonies was amazing. ideas, and maybe even going a cheesier route, and that's something we're trying to avoid. Cider Mag: Now that he fronts JBB, he's been Mahoney: We credit all that to Craig [Welsch], for Mahoney: He's such a perfectionist too. Same Cider Mag: Do you have a favorite song on Light able to shine, but it's great to listen to older records with Kevin Kinsella, and you can hear Elliot's harmonies, and he really is a stellar backing vocalist. with Kevin. He has an amazing voice, a great falsetto. He was in the running, too, but Elliot has history singing harmonies. Cider Mag: And Elliot can get down with the offbeat lyrics Dubbest has. Mahoney: All of our lyrics are written by Ryan [Thaxler], our singer, and he writes where nothing is laid out simply for you to figure out. He has a way of twisting words. There's a lot of reggae out there right now, which is putting out the good message and everything, but they're recycling the same Winter • 2015 Cider Mag: Light Flashes, however, has a vintage sound. sure. The studio we worked in was fully loaded with vintage equipment, so we could get whatever sound we were looking to get. Flashes? Mahoney: I love playing “One Thing”, and I think it's a great way to start the album off. “Leaving” is one of my songs, and I enjoy playing that one, too. That's the one song we didn't actually have back-up vocals on. All the other songs that didn't have Elliot were instrumentals. We stuck to a specific sound on that song, like a Gregory Isaacs’ song, which doesn't have any harmonies and is still strong. Cider Mag: Being into jam music, do you jam out live, or keep it tight? • CIDER MAG • 9