Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 6

Brian Wilson on a Summer Night in Boston By Mike Jackman U nder a warm and breezy night sky in Boston, Brian Wilson, the founder and musical genius behind The Beach Boys, officially kicked off summer for the 5,000 attendees at The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on July 2. Having been fortunate enough to see Brian Wilson and his spectacular band many times since 2004, I was still awestruck and just as excited as I was my first time. Beginning the show with the frequently played “Our Prayer” the song was a majestic and otherworldly choral delight that filled the amphitheater with bliss and promise of what lay ahead for the evening. Wasting no time, Wilson and fellow founding Beach Boy, Al Jardine launched into “Heroes and Villains,” a song which was written on a piano in a sandbox in 1966. This song immediately drew the crowd in with its familiar, whimsical, and offbeat style. The harpsichord and harmonizing really stand out on this gem from the seminal Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds. Listening to the arrangement of this first song I was reminded how much of the music The Beach Boys recorded in the 60’s was way ahead of its time, making them classic. Within seconds of the beginning of the orchestral prelude to “California Girls” the venue went nuts and rose to their collective feet singing along with 6 • CIDER MAG • uncontrollable smiles and all the happy fe