Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 57

anical father. Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead's bassist, met Weir through Garcia. Lesh knew Weir as a teen and a skilled guitarist. They were all into music and smoking pot, like so many other teenagers out there who hang out with friends and jam. Weir tells the game plan--his idea was to always just flow with Garcia when it came to guitar playing, enhancing the beauty with his own unique style and interweaving the two guitars together. Weir explains that he would listen to jazz pianists like Coltrane and how they were able to just embellish the lead. He used this method to do the same for Garcia. Sammy Haggar says in the film, "If you don't have an ego, then you can be the best number two on the planet, and that’s kinda what Bob became." Like other bands, the Grateful Dead members all lived together, along with their friend and the inspiration for "The Other One", Neal Cassady. Cassady was an unusual and unique man that Weir was impressed by in awe of. While Weir was writing that song and playing it for the first time, Cassady died. Weir believed Cassady was with with him, having left time and space, and was free. He was deeply influenced by Cassady and his way of being and thinking. He was unworldly. Weir really brings us back to the old stomping grounds. He shows the audience around his old apartment where he lived with Cassady and the band. Where Jerry used to practice and where he used to sleep. Quite an inside peak to such an extraordinary life. Trixie Garcia (Jerry Garcia's daughter), with tears in her eyes, discusses how the death of her father impacted Weir in a profound way. He was forever bonded with Jerry Garcia. So much of Weir's adult life was lived beside Jerry. When Jerry died Bob used his side project, Ratdog, as a way to cope with the loss of his brother. He used the music to heal him; music was his medicine. Through this film, even though Weir quit school and went on the road with a band, we learn that he is cerebral and existential. He did not marry until later in life, when he knew he could be faithful. He did the drugs, all of them, but he rode bikes, hiked, and remained healthy otherwise. He believes in other dimensions and transcending time and space. He is an insanely famous performer and yet just seems to be a cool, sweet older gentleman with an adorable family. And, just Z