Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 56

Leslie’s Movie Review The Other One The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir By Leslie Johnson M aybe you do not know a lot about the Grateful Dead. Maybe you really do not listen to their music. Maybe for some reason you just never really got into them unlike their millions and millions of fans. But, you have to respect them. How could you not? Well, if any of this is true for you, this film may in fact change your perspective. You just might start listening to the Grateful Dead after you hear how much love went into their music and was shared between them. This is a film about brotherly love. Directed by Mike Fleiss, producer of such films as Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this film brings us on the journey, or what he calls an adventure, that Bob Weir created, following his heart and soul, and the music, wherever it would take him. Weir’s musical adventure picked up at the back door of the Dana Morgan's Music Store. It is fascinating to learn where all of this legendary music began, and how these guys bonded 56 • CIDER MAG • with banjos and guitars. First, they played locally, becoming somewhat known in their community. Then, the Grateful Dead’s popularity and fanbase exploded and the group turned out to be the longest-lasting American rock band in history. Born in 1947 in San Francisco, Bob Weir was adopted at birth. Weir found it easy to leave home at the young age of 17, and began touring with the band he started with Jerry Garcia. Weir admits that he hated school and had a strong desire to follow his inner light. Because of his journey he could really relate with the fans, many of whom were gypsies leaving their everyday life to follow the music of the Grateful Dead. Bringing us deeper insight into Weir, there are several musicians and family members who participate in telling his story. Wendy, his sister, tells about who Weir was as a kid and how he was always very different from his puWWritWinter • 2015