Cider Mag Winter 2015 Issue 52 - Page 51

Cider Mag: Cider Mag mentions a few big name Boston born bands then includes Morphine at the end of the list. Laughter ensues. Cider Mag: Is Boston the perfect melting pot for what you guys do? Colley: No. Deupree: Well… Cider Mag: I’m talking smaller venues ya know? Colley: Boston isn't what it use to be. That was when those big name bands you just mentioned were coming up. It was a different climate at that time in the early 80’s there were rock clubs everywhere. The Channel, the Ratt, and the Jumpin’ Jack Flash. Deupree: You could go out any day of the week and have your choice of ten places to go ya know all packed all the bands playing. I mean it may be like that for younger people but… Colley: It’s not, It’s not. I mean the main clubs are closing and they're not packing so music is more relegated to smaller clubs, little basement ya know lounges, which is fine. But if you want to hear music it’s not to say that it’s like it was in the 80’s, so I mean Boston is always going to have a turnover in the city as a new crop of people come in with new ideas and new appetites or what have you so I mean it's vibrated into this place to be able to have opportunities to play. There's festivals, there's events ya know and I’ve lived there for over 30 years and you have a network after a period of time of people that you know and rely on and get together with. Cider Mag: Lastly, your fans would like to know. Is there going to be any new Vapors of Morphine material released in the near future? Colley: Yes, we are in the very last stages of a new release which will hopefully be coming out within the next year. We are at the very end stages of mixing and, well, I wouldn’t say mixing as much as finish recording and finish the recording-mixing phase and mastering and trying to figure out how to put it out to the world. Cider Mag: So you guys are doing a do-it-yourself recording, packaging and distribution thing? Deupree: Completely! ■ Winter • 2015 • CIDER MAG • 51